Walmart Vriddhi


PlayAblo’s Corporate Learning LMS: PlayAblo’s mobile-first, gamified LMS, is a corporate learning platform with rapid setup & roll-out capabilities. PlayAblo arrives with an integrated LMS (Learning Management System) +CMS (Content Management System) experience. About Walmart Vriddhi: Walmart Vriddhi program empowers MSMEs to succeed by optimizing operations to adapt to India’s new normal. It offers online and offline certification and onboarding support to build a cohesive MSME ecosystem in the country.

Walmart Vriddhi

Walmart Vriddhi’s Problem And The Solution

The Problem:
The Walmart Vriddhi India Supplier Development Program aims to train and prepare 50,000 MSMEs for global supply chains. The training courses span various topics relevant to entrepre- neurs, including Markets & Channels, Supply Chain Management, E-commerce Platforms, Innova- tion & Product Development, Sales, Legal, HR, Marketing and Finance. But with offline classes becoming almost obsolete or yet to reach their full potential, Walmart Vriddhi had to seek another way - digital transformation in order to scale-up faster and achieve such a massive number.

The Solution:
The Solution: PlayAblo is the LMS partner for this program. We offer our platform and professional content development services to create learning courses from their classroom training content. PlayAblo’s mobile-optimized and micro-sized digital training modules enable course accessibility from anywhere, anytime. There’s also the feature of a dashboard to track the usage, progress, and performance of the learners in their eLearning courses.

Implementation Details

• PlayAblo’s online courses are divided into two segments - basics and advanced.

• Each course consists of 15 modules with the total duration of 24 to 32 hours per course.

• The format of the initially-built courses for classroom training was recreated to provide rich digital learning experiences.

• The user interface has a minimalistic design and includes menu, navigation, Play/pause button, proress bar, and resources tab for downloadable documents.

• The content is also available in multiple languages like Hindi and Tamil to suit the learners’ preferences.


• The visual elements of PlayAblo’s online content such as text, graphics, images, videos and simple animations, and interactive games, scenarios and quizzes ensure information retention and learner engagement.

• Continuous assessments and knowledge checks in the modules indicate the learner’s ability to understand and apply the concepts learnt.

• Self-reflection activities require the learner to reflect on the concepts discussed concerning his/he business.


With the enhanced digital reach, Walmart Vriddhi was able to achieve a major milestone of training 10,000 MSMEs within a short span of time.


“The overall experience with the product is great and we receive expert, instantaneous support from the tech team. The content management team is par excellence. PlayAblo’s top leadership is very attentive and responsive to customer feedback and plans product roadmaps based on client inputs.” - Words of appreciation from Santosh R.
Technology Lead - Walmart Vriddhi

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