Spectrum Consulting, set up in 2004, is an HR consulting firm that offers services and products in the Talent Acquisition space. Their products encompass six variants, including Applicant Tracking Systems, Resume Parsers, and Learning Management Systems.

The efforts morphed into evangelization of LinkedIn and Social Media through its, well researched, social media workshops and successful implementation of social media at workplace for Talent Acquisition. By virtue of its efforts, Spectrum Consulting has made significant contributions to the body of knowledge, the Art and Science of Talent Acquisition.


Spectrum Consulting Problem Statement

With over 70+ employees, Spectrum aimed to train its staff members on all consulting-related skills and activities particularly on the requirements of each client of theirs. The company wanted to structure courses for each client account to make orientation on client requirements structured for the employees.

Playablo’s Partnership With Spectrum Consulting

PlayAblo, a mobile-first, microlearning-driven, and gamified eLearning platform, is designed specifically to work with custom corporate training requirements – distinctive to each organization. It understood Spectrum’s requirements and partnered with the former to become its LMS provider.


After integrating PlayAblo’s LMS, Spectrum Consulting uses the platform for a bulk of its internal training initiatives from the start to the end – particularly for client-facing roles. Their L&D resources for employees (like sessions on company structure and roles etc.) are currently structured on one platform.

The firm now uses less time in its training sessions since there are no classroom training segments for new joinees. Refresher training courses on how to consult clients remove the need for repetitions and keep staff members updated on new developments in their field.

Client Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Success

Client Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Success

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