Hotel Hub


HotelHub is a hotel booking platform designed for Travel Management Companies for managing business travel. The platform includes an intuitive booking tool for agents that fully automates the hotel booking workflow. Additionally, the HotelHub platform includes an API that is integrated with the industry’s online booking tools. This ensures all hotel bookings regardless of how they are booked, are manageable within the HotelHub platform.

Hotel Hub

Hotel Hub Problem Statement

HotelHub’s primary goal was to offer comprehensive internal training to its workforce, comprising around 200+ employees. The company aimed to educate its staff members in particularly some domains – human resources (HR), management, sales, cybersecurity, and work-life behavior. They additionally wanted to develop the skills of their new joiners across the required verticals.

Playablo’s Partnership With Hotel Hub

PlayAblo, a mobile-first, microlearning-driven, and gamified eLearning platform, is designed specifically to work with custom corporate training requirements – distinctive to each organization. It understood HotelHub’s requirements and partnered with the former to become its LMS provider.


After integrating PlayAblo’s LMS, the training platform is now accessible to all the employees of HotelHub. Our LMS also hosts a set of courses for HotelHub’s fresh recruits and most of their in-house training is done on the portal. They have an HR team who hires people for all service locations. Hence PlayAblo also contains the training required to train employees on how to take interviews. What’s more? HotelHub can currently access continuous updates to its learning resources via our app. They have recently started exploring PlayAblo’s learning paths, which particularly benefit new joiners during the onboarding process.


“I was using a global learning platform with high level controls for admin. Playablo is the best platform if you are a small-mid size company with budget constraints. It has good value for money. The platform has the potential to scale up. Easy to upload self-curated learning programs.”

- Prabhu K.
Senior Manager

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