ETHOSH is an innovation-focused company creating high-impact digital experiences for their clients, who are global industry leaders and major brands in the Lifesciences, Healthcare, and Engineering domains. They create differentiating digital content and solutions focused on marketing, customer service, training, and R&D enablement.

ETHOSH creates innovative experiences that deliver content on the latest technology platforms like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Web & Mobile applications.


Ethosh Problem Statement

ETHOSH, since its launch, has been committed to training its internal staff on the latest business practices, trends, processes, and guidelines. However, previously, the company was utilizing offline methods to train its workforce, resulting in scattered communications, fragmented learning, and unorganized knowledge acquisition. They wanted an LMS for internal training across all departments to address these issues.

Playablo’s Partnership With Ethosh

PlayAblo, a mobile-first, microlearning-driven, and gamified eLearning platform, is designed specifically to work with custom corporate training requirements – distinctive to each organization. It understood ETHOSH’s needs and partnered with the former – to become its first LMS provider!


After integrating PlayAblo’s LMS, ETHOSH could streamline its training delivery to hone the skills of new recruits across all divisions during the induction phase. The company also extended digital learning to its design and tech teams. Now, everything related to ETHOSH’s L&D requirements is fully automated and structured on a single digital hub. Their training managers can see the learning results on employee progress and performance etc, on the dashboard -- in one centralized platform.


“The Playablo LMS application was found to be more user-friendly & less complex to use. And it is fulfilling our current needs with reasonable pricing.”

- Ravindra P
Head L&D

Client Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Success

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