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Choose PlayAblo as Your Online Learning Management System

PlayAblo is a robust and comprehensive learning management system with a very light-weight feel to it. Its feature-set is especially designed keeping in mind the new age learners. Each of these attributes caters to the requirements of the forever busy millennials in our workforce:

Mobile Friendly LMS

Smartphones and tablets allow trainees to absorb information-anywhere, anytime. You can use our LMS platform to distribute training materials, which work flawlessly and look perfect on any hand-held gadget. Of course, our courses can be optimized to fit over any screen size -- offering the ideal digital micro-training experience!

Interactive Learning

PlayAblo's corporate LMS packs a punch with embedded interactive elements -- which allow learners to apply theoretical knowledge practically. It also enables them to absorb information quickly and retain them for longer durations. Some of the features you can find on our employee training management software include simulations, drag-and-drop interactions, e-learning games, and clickable walkthroughs. Coupled with immediate feedback, trainees can instantly address errors and improve their learning curve.

Live Classes & Video Learning

PlayAblo enables your LMS development team to integrate live classes with relevant software. Our existing integration technology with Google Meet makes the delivery of LIVE Classes a breeze! With the help of virtual interactions, you can easily explain a process that involves complex equipment or skills. We additionally give the option to segment a course into short micro-clips, live presentations and conferences, which enables trainees to have a holistic learning experience.

Gamified Assessment

With the help of virtual interactions, you can easily explain a process that involves complex equipment or skills. We additionally give the option to segment a course into short micro-clips, live presentations and conferences, which enables trainees to have a holistic learning experience.

Integrated LMS + CMS

PlayAblo & integrated LCMS enables you to generate content that instantly covers targeted subjects. Your designers can create reusable e-learning modules and then assemble them to create customized courses. This modular design removes the need to create an entire curriculum and then make it adaptable to different audiences. It also removes the instances of duplicate content creation.

xAPI Compliant

Our LMS platforms Experience API (Application Programming Interface), aka xAPI or TinCan, enables you to collect data from a gamut of learner experiences – both online and offline. This online microlearning standard captures data from multiple group activities and delivers them across various platforms. The TinCan protocol allows learners to interact with published content and learning events. The LRS (Learning Record Store) subsequently records these activities and can reshare the learnings over other LRSs.

Analytics on Learning Progress

The learning management systems must aid you in measuring the impact of micro-learning. This measurement helps keep track of the learning activities. The data gathered through tracking tools can then be analyzed to gain actionable insights. PlayAblo's inbuilt analytics feature gives you an aggregate view of learner data in terms of:
1. Usage – Time spent on the platform.
2. Progress – No of learners who have completed the course, not completed or partially completed.
3. Performance – Measure learning outcome by comparing the pre-assessment, ongoing and post-assessment scores.

Self-Subscribe Courses

PlayAblo lets learners search for non-mandatory courses and subscribe to additional programs per their job needs without any external intervention.

Auto-Subscribe Courses

Depending upon learner’s role and department, specific courses are mandatory or needed for compliance. You can set up courses for Auto subscriptions based upon rules, including recurring subscription for compliance.

Create mobile-friendly courses directly from PPTs

PlayAblo let you create mobile-friendly eLearning courses without the need of any fancy Content Creation software. Just use our PPT template and click to convert them into beautiful mobile learning modules!

Give e-Certificate to learners upon course completion

With PlayAblo you can let your learners earn e-Certificates as and when they complete courses. The course can be deemed completed based upon finishing the learning modules as well as clearing the final course assessment quiz at the end of the course. The learners can also download the e-certificates as a PDF for sharing on social networks.

Rate and provide feedback on courses

As learners finish their course it is only right to seek their inputs on the efficacy of the course. With PlayAblo the learners get the option to rate the course as well as provide feedback to the author at the end of every course. The cumulative rating and comments from learners are available for future learners to see as well..

Email and App Notifications

Standard notifications alert learners each time they are added to the platform or a new course is allocated to them. Our extremely flexible framework allows for both app, web based and email notifications. Need custom notifications for specific events? Just ask!

SCORM Complaint

Playablo can seamlessly play SCORM-compatible courses. Learners can access the SCORM courses on the web, mobile, and tablets (Android and iOS). User interaction with the SCORM packages is tracked on the LMS. Re-use all your legacy courses on PlayAblo.

Supervisor Feedback

Supervisors can provide quantitative and qualitative feedback to the learners. Supervisors can rate the learners on the learning objectives of the courses after completion. Complete the learning cycle by giving feedback to the learners by observing them on the job.

Learning Path

With PlayAblo, create learning journeys for your learners. The Learning Path is a combination of courses stringed together with clearly defined objectives and exit criteria for each course. The learners progress through a learning path to master a particular subject or program.

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