Yes, PlayAblo is best experienced with a stable Wi-Fi or a 4G connection, although a good 3G connection may also be used.

PlayAblo can be used on Android Version 4.4 (Kit Kat) and any other higher version. The app is optimized for Android phones with screen sizes 4” and above. The app can be downloaded and used on Android Tablets as well, although the user experience has not yet been optimized for the same. Future versions of PlayAblo will support iOS and Windows, and will also include an alternate version for Tabs that will enhance user experience. Updates about the same will be available on the website from time to time.

Downloading PlayAblo is – and always will be – free.

No. You begin with our 15-day risk free trial period (No Credit Card needed). If you like it and want to continue using the full version, you can subscribe to the paid premium membership after the trial. The details of the plans are here. If you opt not to upgrade within a month you may continue to enjoy using PlayAblo with a few restrictions. Here are the details.

Currently, PlayAblo quizzes have 6 types of questions. These are:

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – with one correct answer.
  • Multiple, Multiple Choice Questions (MMCQs) - with more than one correct answer
  • ‘True or False’ and ‘Yes or No’ Questions
  • Match the Following
  • Drag & Drop (Rearrange the order)
  • Sorting
We are also constantly working on expanding this list to ensure greater interaction and a better user experience.

Leaderboard positions are determined solely by the points one earns, which inturn are driven by the following factors:

  • Level of Quiz (For instance, questions from the Base Camp to the Ridge have the least points while questions from the Snow Line to the Summit have the highest points)
  • Speed of answering questions. (The faster the child submits the right answer, the more points they earn)

At present, PlayAblo covers the following:

  • Board: CBSE
  • Grades: 1 to 5
  • Subjects: English and Mathematics
We are working on rapidly covering more grades, subjects and boards and will update the same on our website.

Yes. You may add up to three children to your account. When you register you need to add the details of just one child. Additional children’s details can be added once you have activated your account.

To switch to ‘Parent’ mode, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the Hamburger Menu Icon (Three small horizontal lines found at the top right corner)
  • In the drop-down menu, click on ‘Parent Mode’
  • Enter the Parent Passcode created at the time of registration and you’re set!

Registering for PlayAblo is a short and quick process. It is only through the details of registration that PlayAblo will be able to customize the app experience for your child based on his/her grade and board.

We at PlayAblo understand and respect customer privacy. Rest assured, your email id will not be used for commercial purposes or for spamming. We will only use the email id to keep you updated about your account and your child’s progress. Please see our Privacy Policy here for details. If you have a question that we have not addressed, then please write to us and we will be very happy to explain our position (and also update our Policy!)

PlayAblo offers you a completely risk free trial of the product (no credit card or payment needed). The free trial gives you access to the entire product experience so you can make a conscious choice to upgrade to a premium membership after the free trial is over. It is against this assumption that we have a policy of no-refunds. That said, if you have a genuine situation under which you believe that refund request is fair then please do write to us and we will be happy to work with you on that.

PlayAblo is currently designed specifically for Android smartphone. PlayAblo works on Android OS versions 4.4(Kitkat) & above, though we recommend version 5(Lollipop) and above. Devices with 1GB RAM are sufficient though performance on 2GB RAM or more is much better. Screen sizes of 4” (inches) and above up to phablet sized devices (5.1” up to 6.99”) are optimally tested for best user experience. For best results, we will endeavor to constantly upgrade to support latest of android versions. You may also install & use it on Android tablets but the user experience is less than optimal at this time (we are working on addressing that shortly).