Teach your Child to Read Time


Telling the time is a vital fundamental ability that all youngsters need to ace. You can educate your tyke to tell the time from a youthful age by discussing schedules that are completed at various circumstances of the day.

Guardians need to help their youngsters to tell the time, as the maths educational modules in school don’t consider enough routine of this fundamental expertise.

Here are some straightforward recommendations for showing your kid how to tell the time:

  • Right off the bat, acquaint your tyke with various techniques which can be utilized to gauge the progression of time, for example, a watch, stop clock, 2 Minute Sand Timer , computerized and Analog Clock . Set them little difficulties to be done inside various time spans, for example, finishing a jigsaw in three minutes or maybe checking what number of skips they can do in two minutes. This will help them to build up a comprehension of the progression of time.
  • Converse with your kid about the progression of time amid the day, by saying schedules, for example, ‘It’s eight o’clock time to prepare for bed’ or ‘It’s six o’clock time for supper’. This will help your kid to perceive different o’clock times and build up a comprehension of the position of the moment and hour hand.
  • Clarify the elements on a Tell The Time Clock. A Jigsaw Clock is likewise valuable and a good time for your kid as it will likewise permit them to arrange the numbers from one to twelve and investigate the development of great importance and moment hand.
  • Have a straightforward ‘Tick Tock’ Wall Clock in your youngster’s room, which has numbers plainly checked and markers for every moment, so your kid comprehends that there are five minutes between each number.
  • Begin by disclose to your youngster that the short hand demonstrates the hour and the long hand demonstrates the minutes.
  • Clarify that there are a hour in 60 minutes move the moment hand and number in five’s to sixty. Clarify that each time the moment hand moves all day and all night once, a hour has passed, and the hour hand will then move to the following number.
  • Turn the hour and moment hand so they indicate twelve o’clock. Turn the moment hand once around and clarify that a hour has passed so it is presently one o’clock. Keep clarifying and exhibiting other o’clock times. On the off chance that your tyke gets a handle on this reasonably effectively, request that they indicate you diverse o’clock times and discuss what you do around then amid the day.
  • Next proceed onward to showing half past time, by clarifying that when the moment hand has passed most of the way day and night it is ‘half past’ the hour. Hone different o’clock and half past circumstances together, and connect these to your youngster’s day by day schedule. For instance, ‘It’s half past three, that is the point at which I gather you from school’. This will make figuring out how to advise the time more important to your kid’s regular daily existence. The Let’s Get Ready For School Tell The Time Book is perfect for connecting time and schedules.
  • When you tyke can tell o’clock and half past time, you might need to get them their own watch, for example, a Timex Time Teacher Watch, as acknowledgment of the exertion they have made to figure out how to tell the time. This will likewise premium them in figuring out how to tell the time autonomously.
  • Presently your kid has been acquainted with o’clock and half past time, work on numbering in five’s to help your youngster tell the time at various five moment interims. Stop at each quarter hour and accentuation ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’ time.
  • You may find that your tyke figures out how to tell the time in a matter of days or weeks, however, continue fortifying time amid your regular schedules until they are certain. By guaranteeing your kid has their own watch and clock in their room they are probably going to have the capacity to tell the time decently fast and a little while later they will be gladly be revealing to you what time it is!


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