Teach “fewer” or “more” to children using these 5 simple games


“Fewer” or “More” are common words. We use them frequently every day.

But, for kids, it can be confusing. They generally tend to mix up these words, especially “fewer” and “less”.

So, I decided to take this up early for my son. When he was a kindergartner, I used these activities to practice use of “fewer” in sentences. This definitely helped in gaining clarity and ensuring he uses it correctly while speaking or writing in English.

In this post, I will discuss those exact activities that I used to make “fewer” and “more” super easy for a kindergartner.

1. Picture Quiz

You can either create these cards or buy online here.

If you are going to create these cards, you will need paper and lots of stickers. I bought stickers of beach and classroom from a nearby stationer. Buy at least 2 of each so you can have 3-4 pieces of each sticker.

Take an A4 sized paper and cut it into 4 halves. On each, stick two kinds of stickers in a row. For example, in one row you will have 3 chairs and in the second row, you will have 1 towel.

Write a question on the top which asks whether x is more than y or fewer than x/y.

It will look like this –

Or Are there fewer beach towels than beach chairs?

You can also create cards where a player has to match. It will look similar to this –

Each player has to pick up one card from the lot and answer the question correctly to score a point. In the end, the player with maximum points will win the game.

You can also use cartoons, comic book characters, cars, movie posters etc to keep your little one engaged. Pick up stickers for all the things he/she likes.

2. Halloween theme at home

This will take sometime to set up but once it is done, it will be a lot of fun.

Set up a theme in his/her room. I picked up halloween because he watched a cartoon and wanted everything scary for a few weeks.

I bought a few pumpkin toys, white cloths, dolls, bats etc and decorated the room. In return, his task was to look at the “fewer” and “more” possibilities across the room.

Meaning, he had to count the number of things and write down sentences using fewer or more. For example,

  • Bats are fewer in number than pumpkins.
  • There are more pumpkins than bats etc.

He was happy to spend 2-3 hours writing down all the possibilities he could think of. Basically, he got a room decor of his choice for a few days and I got what I wanted – practicing use of “fewer” and “more” in sentences.

3. Spot things which can be fewer

The best part about this activity is that you can do it anywhere.

All you have to do is ask your kid to spot things that can be fewer. The purpose of this activity is to distinguish between the use of lesser and fewer.

You can ask this questions while you are in the kitchen, playground, school etc. Initially, they will get confused and annoyed.

But, every time that happens, make them understand the difference between the two. After all, one can be counted (fewer) and one can’t (lesser).

4. Beach ball bonanza

Take a small bucket of water and put 4-5 plastic balls in there. You will need more plastic balls to play.  

Cut 4 pieces from an A4 sized paper and write – +1, -1, +2 and -2 on them. You will also need a spinner to be placed in between these 4 cards. I took a fidget spinner and marked one end with an arrow.

Spin it.

Ask your kid to do exactly where the arrow lands. For example, if it says +1, ask him to throw one more ball into the bucket. Ensure that everytime this happens, you ask your kid whether the balls are fewer than earlier or more than earlier.

You can frame the questions as you like.

5. Videos

YouTube is full of interesting videos. On search, I found this interesting video which can be used to teach fewer or more to kids –

There you go. I have tried all of these at home and it worked wonders. Are you planning to use any of these activities?

Do you have other ideas for other activities that can be used to teach “fewer” or “more” to kids? If yes, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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