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Imagine this situation: You are walking down your favourite shopping street, and your child sees the friendliest icon of obesity ‘Ronald McDonald’ across the street! And you guessed it, what follows is a tantrum. Your child now craves McDonalds. What do you do? Obviously, being the smart parent that you are, you read our blog. And you’ll know that you shouldn’t give in to your child’s tantrums. But, pause and think – is it just about the tantrum. Because, if it is, then there might come an instance or many instances, where you give in to it, just so that your child stops crying. Look at how fast food in general, affects children.


Apart from the obvious harms of obesity setting in, fast foods are also very detrimental to a child’s growth. Diet has a huge impact on children’s study habits. Junk and sugar rich food are known to deplete energy levels and the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. Research has shown that children who ate junk food more frequently demonstrated lesser gains in mathematics when compared to children who ate lesser junk food. Now you know why the regular junk food consumers lag behind those who thrive on greens and veggies. Other studies have also shown that children who frequently consumed cookies, chips and soda over fruits and vegetables tended to have lower IQ.


Now, the obvious threat of obesity. High consumption of junk food early in their life just lays down the best possible foundation for scarier chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

Apart from this, obesity can also lead to many self esteem issues in children. Stunted growth (both physically and mentally) can lead many children to face issues with fitting in. It also builds up lethargy which in turn impedes their physical development as children tend to not engage in physical activity. This in turn limits social development. In the long run, it can lead to depression. Junk food is also generally laced with inappropriate amounts of sugar, which is a precursor for childhood diabetes.


So, parents, always remember – It might be very tasty, and might get you off the mundane task of cooking for that meal or tiffin, but, junk food is a strict no-no! You’d much rather stick to vegetables and fruits and other food items that add nutritional value to your child’s diet.

Always keep this in mind. Keep following our blog for healthy ideas and recipes for children’s tiffin boxes.



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