How to teach body parts using games and activities


Now, this is one of my favorites.

I have to confess something though – my son is super inquisitive and human body had become a chapter with million questions everyday. What is this? Why do we need this? What is the use? etc.

One day, I decided to sit down and work on a few activities to teach the different body parts.

Look – 

Kids are an inquisitive lot. So, don’t beat around the bush or make up answers (or make up names for body parts which a lot of parents do). Try to explain them in simple terms but give them the correct information.

It is important that children start to understand their body parts at an early age for a variety of reasons. But, we will not delve into that here.

In this post, I will discuss 5 activities that I used to teach different body parts to my son and you can too.

So, are you ready to make your children “body aware”?

a. Videos and Songs on YouTube

Music and videos are a great way to engage kids. You can easily teach your kids about different body parts using music and poems

A few poems that can help you are

  • If you are happy and you know it

  • Chubby Cheeks, Dimple chin
  • One little finger
  • Hokey Cokey

Besides this, you can also focus on songs that are available on YouTube. I liked a few of them –

If you find more videos or songs like these, do comment below and share it with us.

b. Guess the body part (using flashcards)

Cut out different body parts from a book or a magazine (you can just print them too) and stick them on a piece of paper.

Either you or the kid can pick up any one flash card. The player who picks it up, gives clues and challenges the other player to guess the right body part.

Let’s say that the flashcard says nose. So, you can say “you use me to smell” or “you use me to breathe air and stay alive” etc.

Once your kid starts getting a hang of this activity, you can pose more and more challenging questions.

This activity not only teaches you different parts of your body but also teaches their functions.

*Double Win*

c. Body pictionary

There are 2 variations to this activity.

For the first one, make cards and write down names of different body parts. For example, nose, head, ears, etc.

Each player picks up a card and draws the body part. Other kids or you have to guess what body part is written on the card.

Once your kid gets a hang of it, make this game a little more challenging. Meaning, use the same flashcards you use for activity #b

Each player picks up a card and draws objects that refer to that body part. You cannot draw the body part itself but you can draw objects or situations that refer to the use of that part.

For example, a plate of food with smell coming out of it to depict nose or a plate with half eaten food depicting mouth or teeth.

It might sound difficult in the beginning, but it will be an absolute delight.

d. Charades with crazy sentences

Charades is a well known game. But, you can use it to teach body parts and spend quality family time as well.

Get your family together on a weekend and divide them into two teams. Instead of giving movies or body parts itself, you will have to give crazy sentences to act. For example, “hand in the head” or “10 heads” or “10 legs” etc.

It will be more fun for your kids if the sentences are crazy. In short, the crazier; the better.

e. Monster Maker

Take two dice. One of them will be used to depict body parts and the other one for numbers.

1 = nose

2 = ears

3 = heads

4 = hands

5 = legs

6 = eyes

Roll the dice. Let’s say, you get a 3 on the body parts dice and 5 on the other dice. Ask your kid to draw a monster with 5 heads.

There you go.

Learning body parts need not be serious, boring or cumbersome. Have lots of fun with these activities.

Remember, it is absolutely necessary for all kids to be body-aware today and it is our responsibility to make that happen.

And, the best way of doing this is by gamifying them. So what are you waiting for? Let the games begin.

Which ones are you planning to implement? Do you have more ideas for simplifying body parts for kids? We would love to hear from you.


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