How educational tech products are making a difference in private schools


Did you know that the investment in Edtech is set to reach a global total of $252 billion by 2020?

Wow. That is crazy awesome, right? Because of this, there is a sudden increase in educational tech tools available on the market today.

And, with this increase in the affordable and customizable educational tech tools in the market, schools (especially, smaller private schools) are seeking ways to incorporate technology into their curriculum.

But, how does educational tech products make a difference in private school space? That is a question a lot of educational institutions are asking.

Well, we will discuss 3 major points in this post but to give you a brief overview it helps

  • Ramp up student engagement and outcomes
  • Track progress dynamically
  • Go paperless
  • Collaborate with ease

And much more!

Does that mean you should blindly invest in an Edtech tool? Of course, no.

One of the most compelling reasons why private schools are investing in education tech products is to prepare students for the future and stay up to date with technology.

So, figure out the “why” behind you wanting to include educational tech product in your curriculum. Don’t do it because others are or it seems like a trend right now. Ask yourself –

  • What’s going to grow our students?
  • How can we ramp up the results?
  • How do we utilize the potential of our teachers to its best?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • How are we going to do it? What’s the path?

Once you answer this honestly, you will know where and what to invest in.

So, without further ado, let’s look at 3 ways Edtech tools are changing the way private schools work

  1. Educational tech products help gamify classrooms

We are an advocate of gamification in learning. Not only does it help in bumping up the classroom engagement, but it also boosts the “want” of learning and develops a healthy competitive spirit amongst the students.

Boosts engagement: And, we are not the only ones who say this, the users of Playablo (a gamified learning and assessment app for English grammar, Communicative English and Math) say this

You can hear directly from a Head of Academic and a Curriculum Advisor, here and here.

There are many surveys and statistics that support this claim. According to Harris Interactive, 96% of teachers think Edtech increases student engagement in learning

That’s an unbelievably high percentage!

Encourages collaboration: Games of all kinds have the potential to build collaboration skills. Whether it is an outdoor sport, video games or educational apps like Playablo – it gives students a chance to work together. In fact, 59% of teachers believe technology makes a big difference in encouraging students to collaborate even when they are not together.

Motivates students: Did you know that more than 60% of learners said that leaderboards and friendly competition would motivate them. (Talent LMS). Gamified learning motivates students to persevere and try different stratagies. Not only does it develop perservance, but motivates children to learn better.

Gamification of learning can also boost confidence in kids. With Playablo for school, the student can practice the skill before starting any assignment thereby gaining experience on complexities in the skill and boosting the child’s confidence in answering the assignment. According to research, 89% of teachers think Edtech improves student outcomes


Human beings, by nature, want to win. So, why not utilize this trait to teach students and develop a learning style they engage with?

2. Allows skilled digital assessment

There are many educational tech products that empower teachers and schools to digitally assess individual student’s work and progress.

And, one of them is Playablo for Schools. Our app provides teachers

  • A dashboard view of the classrooms performance for each subject
  • Trends in classroom performance and comparison with the performance of students across a section
  • Unique breakdown of competency performance in every subject
  • Insights into the students level of understanding of the Subject.
  • Information to identify the students who are performing below the class average and whom the teacher can provide more attention to bring them on par.

This assessment information can help your teachers

  • Understand student’s progress towards a goal
  • Conduct reviews and one-on-one feedback talks at regular intervals
  • In focusing on pain points and improve school results overall

86% of teachers think it is absolutely essential to use edtech. 92% of teachers would like to use edtech even more

Source: Harris Interactive & Online

3. Dynamic homework, automated checking, and instant feedback

Educational tech products help schools give dynamic homework and save time correcting them. For example, Playablo for Schools, allows teachers to create unique assignments for each skill, classroom or individual student. Not only that, the quizzes can be of varying complexity.

Playablo also allows the student to review the quizzes they have answered and track their usage, performance, and ranking over a period of time.

These quizzes and assignments save 20-25% of a teacher’s time which can then be spent on teaching as opposed to chores related to homework and worksheets.

Teachers can also use technology-based assessments to inform their teaching style, pace, and assignments. These automated assessments quickly produce a pattern that helps teachers identify the focus areas and intervene with targeted coaching right away.

Point 2 & 3 help schools understand individual teachers efficiency and ability to utilize the technology for students benefits. If a teacher is unable to show results, schools can take action – like a training session or a feedback meeting to boost up engagement and results for their school.

There you go.

But, we have a few more statistics to share with you that talks in favor of using Edtech (already) in your curriculum

90% of kids use digital learning materials at home

88% of parents and 84% of teachers are interested in having more at-home digital content available to supplement what’s being taught in school.

Parents are willing to ease time limitations on education-based digital activities if it includes watching videos (81%), using apps (80%), or playing video games (68%).

All this together shows how educational tech products are making a difference in the private school space. Not only are schools adopting change and implementing tech to keep up with the new generations requirements and interest; parents are understanding and supporting it as well.

If you are not using Edtech products at your school, you may be missing out on a lot. Remember, with Edtech tools –

  • You can ramp up results
  • Motivate students to work harder and excel. Meaning, well-settled alumni and a great reputation for your school
  • Your teachers will be motivated to do what they do  best – teach
  • You can make learning for every child interesting
  • You can also make it easier for students with disabilities to learn at par with others

So, are you ready? If you are interested in a demo for a gamified learning and assessment app, email us at or call us at +91-97408 78833


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