Grade 2 Mathematics

Number Names
  • Read and write numerals for numbers up to 999
  • Ordinal numbers till 90
Place and Face Value
  • Expand a number with respect to place values
  • Count and regroup objects into hundreds, tens and ones
Shape and Time
  • Identify the basic 3-D shapes (cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere) by their names
  • Identify 2-D shapes (rectangle, square, triangle, circle) by their names
  • Familiarity with the days of the week and months of the year
  • Sequence the events occurring over longer periods in terms of dates/days
Missing Numbers
  • Indicate and identify the position of an object in a line (after, before, between)
  • Observe and extends patterns in sequence of numbers
  • Ordering of numbers in ascending, descending order
  • Even/ Odd numbers
Comparing Numbers
  • Comparing Single digit as well as two digit numbers
  • Insert Symbols <, >, =
  • Identify Largest number from the number pairs
  • Identify Smallest number from the number pairs
  • Identify the Largest Number in the row
  • Identify the Smallest Number in the row
Add and Subtract
  • Add and subtract two digit numbers with and without regrouping
  • Add zero to a number and subtract zero from a number
  • Observe the commutative property of addition through patterns
  • Solve addition, subtraction problems
Multiply and Divide
  • Situations involving repeated addition
  • Situations involving equal sharing
  • Measure lengths & distances along short & long paths
  • Using uniform (non-standard) units
  • Compare on the basis of perception
  • Compare two or more objects by their weight
  • Compare on the basis of perception and orders
  • Compare containers in terms of internal volume(capacity)