Grade 2 English

  • Use dictionary
  • Create short and meaningful sentences
Common Nouns
  • Name and classify as place, name, animal or thing
  • Gender
Proper Nouns
  • Introduction to proper nouns
  • Names of people, cities, towns, countries, rivers, seas, oceans, continents, monuments, books
  • Months of a year
  • Days of a weekDays of a week
  • Number nouns – (Singular/ Plural)
  • Usage of: I, we, us, me
  • Usage of: my, mine
  • Usage of: you, he, she
  • Usage of: them, they
  • Usage of: him, her, his
  • Usage of: it
Verb Forms
  • Simple present tense
  • Simple past tense
Helping Verbs
  • Usage of: am, is, are
  • Usage of: was, were
  • Usage of: has, have
  • Use names of people, cities, towns, countries, schools, monuments, books
  • Capitalization
  • Full Stop / Period
  • Question mark
  • Usage of: A
  • Usage of: An
  • Usage of: The
Prepositions and Conjunctions
  • Usage of: Between, In, On, Above, Under
  • Usage of: Across, After, Behind
  • Usage of: of, with, by, to
  • Usage of: and, but
Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Identify adjectives
  • Identify adverbs
  • Words that describe nouns, things or people
  • Words that describe verbs or actions
  • Distinguish between adjectives and adverbs
  • Identify adjectives and adverbs in a sentence