Five Online Activities to Occupy Your Children on Rainy Days


Do you have kids who refuse to leave the house when there’s bad weather? Rainy days can be intolerable for children. Their boundless energy can wreak havoc indoors, and leave you, as a parent, up the wall. Thanks to the internet, however, it has never been easier to entertain and educate our little ones. Here are some ways you can keep your children occupied and mentally stimulated when they’re stuck inside during rainy days.

Discover Art

One of the best ways to encourage creativity and self-expression is through art. It’s a great visual aid for learning and development, as well as for connecting with our children. With the growth of the internet, there’s now a wealth of online tutorials through dedicated kid-friendly websites and YouTube. They can be adapted into truly engaging lessons that can encompass your child’s interests, whether that’s a fictional character or their favorite animals. Explore various types of art, such as drawing, painting, and sculpting, and really make it a family event where you can bond and create simultaneously.

Discover Music

Music is a fantastic platform for learning. Teaching your children how to play an instrument, or incorporating music into learning activities, can be highly beneficial to their self-esteem and overall development. As a medium, music may be able to help hone core attributes that aid in critical thinking and problem-solving. By engaging your children with music, you can give them skills they can use throughout their lives. It can also help teach patience and discipline and make learning accessible. There are numerous websites online that make music central to learning and allow your children to explore at a comfortable pace.

Discover Reading & Science

Whether it’s an enchanting fairytale or a superhero comic, reading is a fantastic way to stimulate a child’s imagination. In today’s modern world, it’s never been more practical to encourage a child to read. There are numerous websites that offer public domain books, and there is an extensive collection of interactive games that explore the mechanics of English. If your child isn’t thrilled about reading a particular book, you could further encourage imagination by suggesting impromptu storytelling, which you can develop together as a family. Ask them to imagine what happens after a book ends, or get them to create their own world and adventure.

If you child has an interest in science, consider looking online for simple and safe experiments you can do indoors. For example, it’s pretty easy to make Rainbow Magic Milk with some of the items you may already have around the house.

Discover Exercise

Being healthy is just as important to learning as any educational activity. When you’re stuck indoors all day, your child’s boundless energy may be misdirected, or they may simply veg on the couch. YouTube is an excellent resource for entertaining and instructive video tutorials. Some will be more appealing than others. Try to curate a playlist that best suits your child’s interests. If they like cute animals, choose exercise videos that feature them. If they are passionate about dancing or singing, get them moving to workout tutorials that include them.

Discover Safety

Together with teaching our children how to harness their creativity and stay healthy, it’s important to instill in them a greater appreciation of the dangers they could face online. Teaching safety can be a heavy topic, but it’s important to discuss issues like bullying, safe browsing, and harassment. Encourage them to value their privacy and to not give out their information to strangers. By having our children understand why it’s important to be vigilant online, we equip them to live in a digital world. As an extra precaution, be sure to thoroughly vet websites before using them. Use online lists like VeryWellFamily’s and organizations like Common Sense Media.

There is a wealth of kid-friendly online activities, varied and diverse enough for there to be something that will truly appeal to your children. By also taking appropriate precautions, you can ensure that the internet works as a safe educational tool. Your children no longer have to be restless on rainy days.

Jenny Wise homeschools her four awesome children. As any homeschooling parent knows, every day is an adventure, and Jenny has begun chronicling her experiences at
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