Can a good diet treat ADHD?


For years, theorists and doctors alike have speculated whether additives in food affect a child’s health, especially children with ADHD. A lot of studies have been conducted in this regard but with varying and, in most cases, inconclusive results.

However, one study did prove it to a certain extent. At least, proved it well enough to get UK’s Food Standards Agency to urge food manufacturers to remove up to six artificial colouring agents from food marketed to children in Britain. Thumb rule about food is – you should always stay away from foods containing artificial additives and preserves. Certain foods worsen ADHD symptoms like hyperactivity. Many sugar based food items like candy and chocolates also tend to induce hyperactivity amongst children suffering from ADHD.

There, however are food items that help children with ADHD. Protein, for example, has a positive effect on the brain. It helps in the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, and in turn helps manage the ADHD.


Other friends of children are fruits! Fruits and vegetables are very helpful in managing ADHD. Blueberries are very helpful for the health of a child’s brain. Omega 3 acids are another essential nutrient, as the lack of it in the diet has shown results of children tending towards impulsive behaviour and temper tantrums. Ground flax seeds and nuts are also another rich source of fatty acids and lignans. Lignan exhibits a lot of properties. They are anti-oxidants and boost the immune system. It also helps in regulating hormone levels, and helps in reducing the stress hormone Cortisol.

Though a healthy diet can never truly replace medication and cognitive therapy, it does help in boosting the brain power which in turn helps fight symptoms of ADHD.

Now, comes the important question. “But, how do I get my child to eat these? He’s such a fussy eater!” As it is with most children, they are very visually oriented. Presenting food in a visually appealing way to children often encourages them in eating it. The fun guys at showcased this creative way of presenting fruits to children, especially the fussy ones!


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