Surely, you’d have seen those adorable videos of pets and children on social media networks! They do make an awesome pair, don’t they? But, are pets really good for a growing child? Apart from the fact that they make the best friends and help create the best videos and pictures, pets actually also have a very positive effect on the child’s physical and mental wellbeing.

So, beyond being absolute fur balls and cuddle machines, pets have been known to surprisingly display medicinal prowess.



Ok, so, they can’t actually take a stethoscope and check on us! That’s a tad bit too much, we agree! But, children who have been around pets in their first year have tended to have a lower display of  allergic rhinitis and asthma. Similar large scale studies around the world have shown that humans who were around pets, were in general, less likely to visit the doctor with ailments.

Pets also make the best stress busters! Cuddling with a pet for just 5 minutes a day helps create a calm and comforting atmosphere and helps spread a sense of wellbeing. Playing with pets has also shown to reduce blood pressure.


Growing up around pets also teaches children very important life lessons. It helps them be more responsible, be more empathetic and grow a caring attitude. It also helps them be more nurturing towards others and helps them be more clear in their communication. Studies have also shown that children who have trouble reading have higher success when reading to their pets. This is because of the lowered stress levels when around pets.

Another benefit of having a pet around is it helps the child be more active. So, rather than sitting in front of the TV, the child would rather go play with the pet outdoors for an hour. This in the long run helps develop very important social skills in children.


Well, the list goes on and on! And not just for children. Did you know, dogs make the best passengers on a road trip. And, they make for the best listeners! Try sharing a story with your pet. So, you can be absolutely rest assured that having a pet in the house is a very, very wise decision. But, always exercise some precaution when choosing a pet. Pets, at the end of the day, are animals, and are not physically designed to stay indoors. So, though, a pet in the house is a great idea, you should be able to take care of it. Take them for long walks daily. Help tire them out, so that they can get sound sleep, and be limitlessly adorable again the next day!



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