8 ways you can teach new things to your children this independence day


We are a couple of weeks away from August and I am so excited to share this post.

Wondering why I am so excited?

It is the independence day month. [Of course, the topic gave it away!]  

Have you planned anything for the day, yet? Watching the independence day parade on TV? Not doing anything? Wondering what to do or how to spend quality time with your children?

Whatever it may be, I am sure you will be excited if I told you –

This independence day you can teach new things to your children using fun activities.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget to spend quality time with our munchkins and this holiday you have a chance to change that.

In this post, we will outline 5 fun activities that you can do on the independence day

Let’s begin.

1. DIY independence day t-shirts

All kids like to engage in creative activities.

So, channelize this creativity and energy into creating witty independence day t-shirts. Not only do you play with tri colors, children also brainstorm to come up with interesting taglines. For example, “proud to be an Indian”, “India anyday” etc.

This is a great exercise for both, younger or older kids.

You can use fabric colors or water colors for this activity.

2. Teach History

Independence day is the best day to teach about Indian history, culture and heritage. Isn’t it?

Start a movie marathon. Your kids will love to watch more and more movies with you. Sit down with their favorite snack and switch on the TV. You will find a bunch of movies like Lagaan, Border, Mother India, Shaheed, The legend of Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey etc running that day. Movies leave an impact and help children in understanding the struggle for freedom in a better fashion. You can also discuss the events shown in the movie later with your children.

Another way to teach history is to visit a monument or a place of historical significance.

There is bound to be at least one place in your city which has a connection to the independence struggle. You can also visit that historical place, like Red Fort and talk about the independence struggle. If your children are old enough, let them browse the internet and select a place for themselves. Ask them to make notes of what they have learned about the place.

3. Organize a play or skit

This is a great option for older kids!

You can pick up any incident from the history or create your own script which demonstrates patriotic feelings.

Skits and play help children relate to and understand the historical incidents and the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters.

This activity also hones their creative skill like acting, story writing and telling etc.

4. Fancy dress

Fancy dress is a great activity to spread awareness about different cultures in India.

You can organize a party and call his/her friends. Ask them to dress in their traditional attire.

5. Teach flags and countries

Your kids are already aware of the Indian flag. Why not teach them about others?

Print out a few important flags and the name of the relevant countries. Cut them out and shuffle them but keep both of them in separate bowls.

Ask your kid to match the flag with the concerned country.

6. Bake a tricolour cake – Teach colors, ratios, shapes

We love to cook and bake with kids. It is one of the best ways to teach children.

You can bake tricolor cakes, cookies or halwa. In the process, you can teach them colors, shapes (for example, use different shaped cookie cutters) and ratios (after all, baking and cooking involve a lot of ratios and proportions).

Source: Food Dialer

7. Quiz competition – Independence day trivia

For kids, the best way to learn about a subject, is to prepare for a quiz competition. So, plan and organize an independence day quiz.

8. Painting

Engage kids in painting and expressing their understanding of freedom and independence. It is an absolute delight to watch young minds draw their thoughts and share the story with you. You can also ask them to write down the story of their paintings on the back of the drawing sheet.

Pick up any of these activities and plan a fun filled independence day this year. We are sure, with these activities, your children will start looking forward to holidays and learning.

Do you have any other Independence day games in mind? Have you tried any other fun activities for kids? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.


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