6 super easy activities to teach verbs to primary kids



Teacher-led lectures couldn’t hold my attention for long. Most grammar worksheets and workbooks are boring.

Yes, grammar is dry! What do we do?

“Verbs” “Nouns” etc do not have a meaning for kids. It is a concept they need to understand. After all, understanding grammar, is foundational to learn any language. English is no different!

It is important to teach verbs practically. So, we have listed 6 activities that your kids will love to do. They are fun and attention grabbing.

Let’s see –

Roll dice to get the words jar

This activity can be a lot more fruitful if kids know nouns and adjectives as well. Take normal A4 size papers and cut them each into 8 parts. On each of them, write down various verbs, nouns and adjectives and put them in all in a jar.

Take out your kids most favorite board game and start playing. For each turn, you have to roll the dice and pick out that many verbs from the jar before you can move steps.

For example, if the dice reflects 3 then you have to find three verbs from the jar before you can move 3 steps ahead.

This helps in identification of verbs as well as words which are NOT verbs.

You can play this game without having to include a board game. Just roll the dice and ask them to pick out that many verbs from the jar.

Wouldn’t it be fun to play it in the evenings or at his/her birthday party?


Hunt for verbs in the playground

Don’t we always advocate utilising nature to teach? Go out with your son or daughter to a playground or a park. Sit down (or walk) with them and ask them to hunt for verbs around.

It will be fun to make up verbs. For example, if you saw a bird, you could say “only if it was flying, I would have had a verb”

You can go someplace else too. Just ensure that  there is a lot of activity going on there. For example, a fair. He/she should get a few words super easily (like, walking, talking, jumping, playing, throwing, picking, flying, falling etc).


You enact and I answer

If you have a whiteboard, then get it out. Divide it into three columns – “word”, “past” and “past participle”. If you don’t just make use of a chart paper or a notebook.

Get the jar from activity 1. Remove all the nouns and adjectives. Ask each player to take a word and enact it. The other players has to guess the verb. Whoever gives the correct answer, will come forward and fill in the past and past participle of the word.


Story telling

Ask all the players to sit in a circle. You can start by giving a verb.

The player sitting on the right creates a statement with at least one verb in it. Once he/she finishes, the next player repeats the previous statement and adds a new statement (again, with at least one verb).

Keep going at least 6-7 times. At the end of this round, ask everyone to write down the verbs they learned.

This activity not only improve their knowledge of verbs but helps in building memory and creating sentences.


Sentence without verbs

Take pieces of paper and write short statements without verbs. For example –

  • That cat
  • Delicious cheese
  • Mouse away etc.

Each player takes one paper and add verbs to make a sensible line. For example, that cat ran, eating delicious cheese or mouse ran away.


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There you go. Do you know more activities? If you have other ideas for teaching verbs, do comment below and help parents in adding the “much needed” fun element in the learning process.



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