5 ways to make holi a learning experience for your child


Holi is around the corner. To be precise, on March 2nd. It is a festival filled with enthusiasm, colours, and joy.

Are you excited about it?

I am. I cannot wait to play with colours all morning and eat a delectable meal in the evening with friends and family.

Last Holi, I realised that we could utilise this holiday to teach so many things to our children. Don’t get me wrong!

As a parent, I want them to have all the fun but you slip in certain fundamentals or lessons which can benefit them in studies.

They won’t even know you are teaching them. *wink*

Here is the list of 6 concepts you can teach your child and make Holi a learning experience for them.

1. Know the seasons

Holi is the beginning of summers in India and end of winters. It is also called the spring festival  as it marks the arrival of spring.

There is no better way to teach seasons in India than using festivals, especially Holi. To begin with, tell them about the 4 major seasons in India – Winter, Summer, Monsoon and Post-monsoon.

2. Identify and learn colours

Holi is the festival of colours. When kids play with colours, they can differentiate and understand them better. So, take them shopping for colours and let them play with it.

You can make colours at home as well. We have covered it here. You will also find tons of tutorials online.

If your children are into playing colours, we have covered a few activities here which will help you teach them colours and have fun on the day of Holi.

3. Words building and spelling

Teach new words to your kids this Holi. Ask them to spell it or do it for them once you introduce it. The next time that word comes up, ask them to spell it for you.

When you go worshipping the Holika, tell them about fire, bonfire, wood, coconut, rice, plates (or any other utensil) and the name of the sweet you use as prasad.

You can tell them the names of the clothes when you are getting dressed. For example, saree, dhoti, kurta, dupatta etc.

Make use of the day and teach them as many new words as possible.

4. Let’s be aware of our tradition

There are so many stories and legends behind celebrating Holi. Why not share it with our kids?

If this is your first time, share the story with them. If not, ask them to tell you the legends you have been sharing over years.

It is important that kids understand their traditions and there is no better way than Holi.

5. Science behind Pichkari or water guns

We all love using pichkari’s or water guns. But, why not understand how it works? You can teach the concept of vacuum, air, pressure, flow etc.

Look how beautifully this video has been done by a kid. You can do something similar as well –

We hope you pick a few of these fun activities for kids and have an educational Holi. Rest assured, with these activities, your kids will always look forward to this festival every year and you can teach them something new.

Do you have any other Holi games in mind? Have you tried any other fun activities for kids? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.


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