5 games to make sentence formation fun for kids


If you simply ask kids to write sentences to improve their skills, you know what is going to happen.

You are either going to deal with hue and cry or they will just keep adding random words to make a long sentence. You don’t want that happening!

They know sentences, why do they have to torture themselves doing it again and again?

Well. We understand the importance of creating right (and engaging) sentences. Our kids don’t. They want fun time.

So we will give them fun time. A lot of it actually.

But this time, we will mix up learning in a way they don’t realize it.

Let’s begin

1. Cards in different jars

Take four jars and name them the following:

● Who cards
● Action cards
● Where cards
● When cards

In each of these jars, you will have to put cards. For example, in the “who” jar, put cards which say “my brother”, “your sister”, “my uncle” etc. Similarly, the action cards would include “drove a tractor” or “is walking” etc.

Make at least 20-30 cards for each jar before you can start playing.

Now ask your kid to remove one card from each jar and arrange it in a sentence. The fun part is that sometimes the sentence would be absolutely silly. Bonus for reluctant kids!

Once he/she finishes arranging the cards, ask them to write it in their notebook and follow the rules. For example, capitalize the first letters, use correct punctuations etc.

2. Roll the dice with verbs

If you have read my previous posts on punctuations or ascending order, you know I love to use the dice.

You can write verbs on a piece of paper, cut it out in the appropriate size and stick it all side of the cube or dice. Ask your kids to roll the cube and make a sentence out of that verb.

You can also call his/her friends to join in. Once the first kid finishes the statement, the next kid has to add words to make it longer but meaningful. Don’t let them ramble on and on.

I met you.
I met you yesterday.
I was in the shopping mall when I met you yesterday.

3. Puzzle – mark the blocks and make sentences

You must have seen those puzzles where you find words and mark it with a pencil.

Something like this

You can create a similar version of this with words. The kids will have to find different sentences on the card. For example, the card below has – “my sister was riding a bike in the park this morning” or “my sister drove a tractor on the table today”.

4. Chain of words

You can play this with a group of kids.

Ask one of them to tell you a word. The next kid adds one word to this until they have a meaningful sentence.

Your sister
Your sister is a nice
Your sister is a nice person
Your sister is a nice because…and so on

5. Lego or other blocks

Just like the categories for the four jars, create cut-outs and paste it onto the blocks.

Ask your kids to create something out of the blocks but ensure that the construction has a meaningful statement. Like the one in the picture.
You don’t have to buy the boring workbooks anymore. These activities are super simple and I hope you will try them at home.

You will notice a change in the engagement levels of your kid. So, happy learning!

Is there any other activity you found useful in teaching sentence formations? Please do comment below and share it with us.


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