5 fun activities for kids to explore “touch and feel” sense


This one is given.

We do not have to explain to you why experiencing and understanding different senses (touch, sight, smell, sound and taste) is important for kids.

After all, senses not only help us in exploring the world but also in understanding the surroundings and our own bodies.

In this post, however, we will focus on one sense – Touch and Feel. All kids are bound to love these 5 sensory activities for touch and feel.

Let’s begin.

1. Blindfold and Search

This can be a lot of fun. Believe me!  

I am sure, you must have played this in your childhood. Remember, wrapping a dupatta or cloth around your eyes and looking for friends? It was one of my favorite games!

While we searched for our friends with the blindfold on, for this activity, kids will need to look for objects.

Ask them to touch the objects in the surroundings and guess what object that is. For example, take them to the study table. Make them touch books, pens, erasers, lamp etc and tell you exactly what they feel.

When I did this with my kid, he told me things like “it is hard”, “it is soft”, “this object seems long” etc. Some of the objects, like pencils, he could guess right away!

2. Texture crate

As the name suggests, you will need a crate for this. I took an empty egg crate because it was the easiest to get. You can also take a big ice cube tray.

Fill in each space with different objects. You can also place objects (for example, marbles) inside sand so they can count the number based on touch.

Don’t limit yourself to objects – use water, beans, rice (uncooked and cooked), slime, oil etc. Let the kids explore different textures.

There is another activity with slight modification. Lay down several papers with different textures on it and let your kid walk over it.  This will help them understand touch and feel is not only about hands!

3. Feel the bag

Take different objects and put them all in one bag. Remember, the objects should be easily identifiable by touch. For example, comb, keys, blocks, ball etc

Now, describe any one object to your kid. Ask them to put his/her hand inside the bag (without looking), feel the objects and take out the one which is closest to the description.

Alternatively, you can let them put their hands inside the bag and tell you what they feel.

Source: We Have Kids

4. Touch and Feel Alphabet

Make your own touch and feel alphabets and let your kid explore them using their senses.

This is one of the best activities for preschoolers who are learning senses as well as the alphabets.

You will need scissors, A4 size papers, hard paper, glitter paper or felt. Cut out letters from normal paper and stick them on the hard paper. Now, cut out a smaller sized letter using glitter paper or felt and stick on it. You can use different textured papers to create the letters.

Now, let your kids feel the textures and tell you what alphabet is it (obviously, without looking!).

Please ensure that the letters are easily traceable using fingers.

5. Mess with froth

This activity can get a little messy. *beware*

Take a bowl and put some shaving cream in it. Now, add some water colors to it so it becomes colorful.

Now, spread a big craft paper on the table. Ask them to draw an object (for example, fish or pizza) and color it up with the froth.

It is quite messy but it is a fun activity for experiencing touch and feel.

Which one of above activity are you planning to implement? Do you have more ideas for simplifying senses, especially touch and feel? We would love to hear from you.


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