5 activities to teach descending order to your children


We have already discussed a few activities for teaching ascending order here .

While you can use the same activities for teaching descending order as well (with minor modifications, of course!), we have come up with a few more activities.

It is always better to have more options to add fun, isn’t it?

Let’s discuss these 4 fun games to play with kids, spend quality time with them and teach them. All at once!

1. Race with numbers

Take 2-3 chart papers or 10 colored papers. Draw numbers on it and cut them out. You can always involve your kids in the process.

Stick the numbers on a cardboard so they are not flimsy. Alternatively, you can cut them out from an old calendar.

Put them all on the table (or a box) and mix the numbers.

Ask your kid to reach the table, pick up one number and run to the other end of the room and place it. In this manner, he/she has to gather all the numbers and place them in descending order.

It will be fun if there is more than one kid in the room.

If you do not want to engage in drawing and cutting, you can buy numbers (or number puzzle like below) from the market.

If you buy this kind of puzzle, the entire game becomes a cakewalk. Just pull out the number from the board and ask your kid to place them in order.

2. Lacing plates

This is slightly tough and can be used for older kids.

Take any paper or plastic plate and punch 12 holes. It will look like a clock. Take a marker and put numbers below each hole.

Now stick the lace from where you want your kid to begin. For example, if you want them to begin from 10, insert the lace in the hole and stick it on the backside.

Now start inserting the lace in descending order of the numbers. The lace will make a patter at the back. Mark the design (on the backside) with the help of the marker and circle the last hole.

Take the lace out.

Now ask your kid to do the same. It will be slightly difficult to get your kid to understand how to weave the lace but it can be fun.

The best part of this activity is – autocorrecting! The pattern at the back will show the kid whether he is wrong or right.

3. Treasure hunt

Use the same numbers you created for the first activity. Hide it in his/her room and place simple clues. For example, “next number is under your favorite book” or “ask mom for the next number” .

Now, these numbers are not supposed to be in order. Place it randomly.

Once your kid finds all the numbers, he/she will place it in descending order to unlock treats! Yay!

4. Puzzle it up!

Search for your kid’s favorite superhero and print it out. Paste a narrow strip of white paper at the bottom of it. Now, draw several vertical lines on it

Like this –

At the end of each vertical piece, there will be whitespace (the white paper that was stuck) to write the numbers. Write them in order.

Now, cut them out. There will be 10 pieces if you are cutting this picture.

Now ask your kid to solve the puzzle by arranging the numbers in descending order.

If you have other activities for teaching descending order, do comment below and help parents in adding the fun element in the entire learning process.


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