4 ways you can teach alphabets (+ have quality fun time with children)


Me: Hey, come let’s learn alphabets.

Kiddo: *sits down on the floor and start crying* Why is studying so boring? I want to play with my toys.

Me: *Scratches head* and comes up with four games to play.

Is it a relatable scenario?

I am sure it is. But seriously, studying need not be boring (as we always say!)

I came up with four new games to help parents teach alphabets effectively. After all, alphabets are fundamental to any learning.

Let’s learn the games?

1. Block Building:

We all have played with building blocks in our childhood. But, this was one of the ways my mother taught me alphabets.

Let me tell you how.

Take all the building blocks from your kid’s toy storage and stick cut-outs of alphabets on each block.

Alternatively, you can buy such blocks from the market. For example, I found these blocks on ebay.

My mother sat down to play with me (every day!). Sometimes she asked me to pass the blocks (referring the alphabets on it) and created something; the other times she drew shapes and wrote down which blocks to use so I could construct it.

You can also ask your kid to construct alphabets with building blocks (using the ones in the picture below).

Make sure to include capital as well as small letters in the games to ensure that your kids can learn both.

2. Treasure Hunt

Place various alphabets in your kid’s room, ask them to find it and place it in order to unlock the treat. Ensure that you make it simple for them to find all the letters.

Another variation of this game could be placing simple clues. Your kids know “A for apple” so you can place A below an apple. You can put the letter B below the ball, C below a cap and so on.

If you cannot find certain items, you can always draw it on a chart paper. For example, you cannot a zebra. So, you can either draw it or print it.

3. Board games with alpha moves

Take any board game which your child likes.

Now, you can take the dice which comes along with it or make one using cardboard. Place alphabets on all 6 six sides.

Start playing with one dice at a time. When you roll the dice, ask your kid to move as many steps as the alphabet. For example, if the dice stops at “L” then you will move 12 steps. When they are moving, ask them to recite all the alphabets until L.

This game will help them identify alphabets as well as learn the sequence.

4. Alpha-bola

It is a simple variation to Tambola and fun to play with a group of children. You can arrange games night with his/her friends.

Instead of numbers, use alphabets on the piece of paper. Distribute those chits and call out the alphabets.

You can use series of small letters (a, b, c, d…), capital letters (A, B, C, D…) and a combination of letters (AB, CD, EF…).

Play it exactly like Tambola. Reward kids with a tiny present each time they win a part of this game (like early 5, first row, last row etc).

There you go.

If your kid likes to play with other toys, you can think of a few similar games. Try these out and let us know if it helped.

If you have other ideas to gamify alphabets, do comment below and help parents in adding the fun factor while teaching their kids.


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