4 easy activities to train your child to be a good storyteller


Once upon a time, there was a family. Mom, dad and a notorious kiddo.

Remember all the “once upon a time” stories we read as kids?

I would love to see my kids to be able to tell an engaging story too. It is so much fun to hear stories which kids come up with and the imaginary world they create in their play.

It helps improve language skills, stir imagination and creativity along with instilling love of reading.

Not only that, it is important that we get our kids comfortable with public speaking and storytelling is one of the fun ways.

You know why? Because…

Public speaking is second biggest fear amongst adults!

Here are 4 activities to train your kids to be a good storyteller. Not only these activities are fun but they are easy to implement.

Let’s begin

1. Stickers in the story bag

Buy a bunch of stickers which are easily available in any stationery shops. They don’t have to be the expensive ones. I got one packet for INR 50.

All you need is a bunch of stickers which can depict everyday life objects or people.

Something like this –

Put them all in the jar or a basket. Ask your kid to pick out one of them and start weaving a story around that. Tell him/her to pick out another sticker after a while or whenever he/she feels the need to add another character.

If your kid is stuck in between, ask them questions to help. For example, ask them “is there someone else with him” or “where do they live” or “what do they do” etc.

2. Draw a map or the imaginary city

Kids are very imaginative and almost everyone loves to draw. Why not utilize that?

Let your kid draw the map of his/her imaginary city. Ask them to add everything they like – school, lakes, gardens, superheros, cake shops, house, family etc.

Once the map is ready, ask them to tell you about the city and the people living in there.

Ask them questions to help them build stories. For example, “who saves the city from bad people?” (if they have a superhero in mind) or “what does the family do”? etc.

3. Photo book

You can buy photo storybooks available in the market. Alternatively, you can DIY at home. Search for pictures online, put them together in a word document and hit print. It is that simple!

If you have a time crunch, we hear you. We have an idea for you as well.

It is time to do some digging and pick out photos from all your family outings. Put them together in a folder and use the arrows to navigate.

Sit with your kid and ask them to tell you a story around it. They can either tell you what actually happened that day or tell you something from their wild imagination.

4. Role play the story while narrating it

This is an activity for a group of kids. You can do it with family as well if all the members are into it.

Pick a story of your kids choice. Each kid (or the family member) dresses up like a character.

You will start narrating the story and the kids have to perform their parts. In the next round, ask one of the kids to tell a story.

Ensure that you are emoting everything with voice modulations.

5. Clay modelling

I loved clay as a kid. It was so messy and fun.

Ask your kid to make models of things he/she likes. Once they have created something, ask them to tell you the story around it.

What do you think about these activities? Is there something that works for your kids? Do you have any other ideas, tips or posts to get our kids to tell stories?

Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.


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