4 activities to teach different vowels to kids


Why are vowels so important? Have you ever asked this question to yourself?

If not, then don’t start pondering over it right now because I am going to answer that.

Vowels are in every word of the English language, even in syllables. You cannot form a word or a sentence without having any vowels in them.

That’s quite something! Isn’t it?

Of course, kids need to understand vowels in and out.  If kids are not familiar with vowels, they will always make mistakes in spelling words as well as pronouncing them.

You don’t want that happen. Do you?

And, hence, in this post, I will share 4 easy (but, fun) activities that can help you teach vowels to your kids.

a. Songs and videos

Songs, poems and videos are an answer to everything!

It is so easy to put on a song or a video and catch children’s’ attention. As a kid, I learned a lot with poems.

Old MacDonald had some vowels has always been one of favorite. You can find it here –

  1. This is a video which teaches vowels as well as different words which use the same phonetics –

2. This is another video which showcases what happens when there are two vowels in the same word (example, coat, boat, beat etc)

If you find more videos or songs like these, do comment below and share it with us.

b. Rapid fire – use the vowel and spell the word

Put a limit on the time taken by the kids to do this activity. Keep on decreasing the amount of time as they keep getting better at this activity.

Put all the vowels in a bowl. Just cut out the letters from any newspaper or magazine headline or write it down. Each player picks up a vowel and write down as many words as possible with that vowel in it.

Whoever writes the maximum number of words wins the game.

Once your kid gets older, you can make this game a little more challenging. This time, ask your kid to write down words which have the same pronunciation for a vowel. For example, bat, day, aim and beat all have A but they are pronounced differently. So, they cannot be on  the same list.

c. Fill in the right vowel [basket with flashcards]

This will take some time to set up.

Find a list of easy words from the internet or an English book and remove all the vowels from there. The word list should look like this –



__M etc.

Write down each of these words on a flashcard. Ask your kid to pick up any flashcard, try to pronounce the word (which they won’t be able to do) and tell you the vowel that should fit in.

Once your kid gets a hang of vowels, remove the blank spaces and ask them to fill in the vowels to make proper words. The flashcards will have words like these –



M etc.

d. Sentence formation with maximum vowels (and alphabets)

This is more of a challenge than an activity or a game.

Gather a few of his or her friends to increase the fun factor.  Divide the group into two or three teams.

Each team has to form sentences using the maximum number of vowels. If possible, challenge them to use all the alphabets in the English language

You will be surprised to see what they come up with. This activity will be difficult to begin with but once children get the hang of it they will have loads of fun

Which ones are you planning to implement? Do you have more ideas for simplifying vowels for kids? We would love to hear from you.


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