3 fun ways to teach punctuation marks to your children

10 years old Dipa and 12 years old Laboni study in class two at Studying at UNIQUE CHILD LEARNING CENTRE. Mirpur

As a parent, we are always concerned about how easily our kids are distracted or how they resist learning concepts of math or English (like grammar rules).

It is difficult to teach children!

But, I have experienced how making activities out of concepts help in engaging children.

Imagine, teaching kids about money through monopoly. I am sure it is much easier than theorizing it.

Gamifying education not only helps them learn, it also helps them retain the information for a longer time.

I am going to share three fun ways of teaching punctuations to your kids at home.


I am sure you have games (like Ludo) where a dice is used. Pick up one dice, and stick punctuation cut-outs on all the sides.

If you don’t have a dice, you can easily create one using cardboard. Draw different punctuations on all the sides.

Once you are ready, start playing with your kids. Ask them to roll the dice, name the punctuation mark and race to use it in a playful statement.

You can also plan a group learning session with his/her friends.

2. Candies in the basket

At a given time, take up two baskets and name them each a punctuation mark. Create cards or candies (using chart papers and sticks) and write simple sentences on it.


Ask your kid to pick up one candy, read it out loud and tell you which punctuation is missing. Then, ask them to place it in the basket accordingly.

When your kid is reading it out loud, ask them to change their voice. For example, your voice goes up in excitement if you have to say “What a beautiful day!”. Similarly, if you have to say “Let’s eat, David”, there will be a short pause after eat.

3. Sherlock holmes and the punctuation thieves

All kids love to play games which involve thieves and police (nowadays, FBI).

There are four thieves in the Baker Street. They broke into four different text houses and stole all the punctuation marks.

These thieves have different characteristics because they are personified punctuation marks themselves. They steal the same punctuations as themselves.

Now, if you study the crime scene (i.e the sentences along with the characteristics of the thieves) you can help return the punctuations to their rightful owners.

Step 1: Create sentences without punctuation marks (these are your houses)

Step 2: Create cards which describes the characteristics of each punctuation mark. You can use superheroes, cartoon characters or smileys on the cards.

Step 3: Create cut-outs of the punctuations which are stolen. Kids can place this on the sentence.

For example, take four sentences.

● What a beautiful day!
● You are a girl.
● Where are you going?
● Let’s eat, David.

Now, dramatically explain your kid (along with giving the cards) how

● Thief 1 is Question mark. He always keep inquiring.
● Thief 2 is full-stop or period. He is the one that ends any fact and is used like a knife to cut sentences.
● Thief 3 is exclamation mark. He has strong feelings. He is forceful and always talks loudly.

Ask them to understand each thief and apply the stolen punctuations in the sentences.

Punctuations are boring and sometimes, complicated. These are a few fun ways of teaching your kids.

What do you think about these games? Is there something that works for your kids? Let us know in the comments


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