10 effective and fun ways to improve concentration in kids


There is no doubt that children need to have a good attention span to be able to concentrate on one task and finish it effectively.

But, how do you realize that your kids have low concentration or short attention span?

It’s simple. You need to start observing and look for a few signs, for example, if he/she

  • Does not sit at one place
  • Gets easily distracted
  • Can’t stay organized
  • Loses his/her things often
  • Difficulty in learning or remembering

If you have noticed any of these signs, you should work on improving their concentration.

Wondering, how?


Because in this post, I will share some activities that you can do in order to improve concentration as well as the attention span of your children.

1. Puzzles

Puzzles are excellent tools for improving concentration.

Buy a few jigsaw puzzles. Ensure that you buy pictures that interests your kid. For example, I bought a few puzzles with cars in it.

Give all the pieces to your child and ask them to place it correctly.

2. Tongue twisters

Tongue twisters were always fun!

But, did you know that tongue twisters are also great at improving concentration as well as pronunciation skills?

Write down tongue twisters on a board or pieces of paper. Ask your child to pick up any one and read it aloud.

Now, ask them to keep increasing their speed of reading and observe for how long they are able to avoid faltering.

You can also ask your children to come up with their own tongue twisters.

3. Missing numbers or alphabets

This could be really fun activity.

You will need to start counting numbers or stating alphabets. But, you will have to miss a few in between.

For example,

1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9,…

A, B, C, E, F, G, I..

Ask your kid to shout out as soon as he/she catches what has been missed. You can increase the difficulty level slowly (for example, by missing two numbers or alphabets etc).

4. Beat the clock

Depending on the age of your kid, decide on a few activities that can be finished under a minute. For example, keeping the toys back, solving a math problem, arranging books in the bag etc.

Set the timer and ask them to finish the task before time is up.

5. What did I change

As the name suggests, your kid will have to guess what have you changed.

So, get fully dressed and choose a location (for example, the study table). Now, ask your kid to notice everything around (including you) thoroughly and close their eyes for 5 seconds.

In this time, you will have to change one thing from the scenario. For example, you can lose your tie or one of your slippers, a book could be missing, the night lamp could be shifted to a different place etc.

Your kid will now have to guess what did you change.

Alternatively, you can play this game in Sunday newspapers. You will have two similar pictures side by side and you are supposed to spot the minute differences between the two.


It is a great visual and concentration boosting game.

6. Memory card game

Take a deck of playing cards and lay down all the 52 cards upside down. 2 cards are flipped in one turn and the purpose is to turnover pairs of the matching card.

If the player succeeds in matching the pair, he/she gets another chance to turn the cards. Whoever gets the maximum number of cards matched wins the game.

You have quite a few variation of this game. You can match colors, numbers, sets and if you want to make it super difficult, play this with 2 deck of cards.

If you are still in doubts as to how to play this, watch this video –

7. Memory Master

Memory master is all about what you see and remember.

Players get to stare at a picture in a magazine or newspaper for a minute. In this time, you are supposed to make efforts to remember details of the picture.

After that minute is over, the other player will ask questions about the picture. For example, what was it about, what color was it, etc.

8. Story telling game

I have played this so much as a kid.

All the players sit in a circle and one person begins the story using any sentence they like. The players take turns repeating the sentences and adding a new one.

If someone misses a word or changes the sentence formation, is out. The kid who is able to narrate the entire story without mistakes will win the game.

9. Magic Cup game

You have come across this game in fairs.

For this, you will need at least three cups and a coin. Place the coin under one of the glasses and put all three upside down.

Rapidly switch the cups and ask your child to identify the cup with coin under it.

10. Don’t finish that word

You are supposed to spell out a word without ending it. First player selects a letter.

Other players keep adding letters to this with an aim to not finish the word. For example, if the first two letters are C and A, the third player will not say N or T because it will finish the word.

Players can also challenge each other if they think there is no word which begins with those letters.

It is a lot of fun to see children playing this game.

Besides these, you should also try to minimize distractions, reduce screen time, set goals, give daily responsibility, break big tasks into smaller ones, and reward them.

What activities have you implemented to improve concentration and attention span of the kids? We would love to hear from you. Comment below and let us know.


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